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AC Drives for HVAC Fans and Pumps

Read about the uses and benefits of AC drives for HVAC fan and pump applications…

Uses and Benefits of Variable Speed Foot Switches

Discusses benefits, typical applications, various modes, etc. for industrial foot pedal potentiometers

Explosion Proof Motors for Industrial Use

Information about buying explosion proof motors – DC or AC type. Enclosure types, motor construction, typical features and applications…

DC Injection Braking

Explains DC injection braking to rapidly slow and stop industrial AC motors in a variety of applications.

Web Tension Control

How web handling works and how a tension controller can benefit your facility during the production process.

PLC Programming; PID Loop Control with Cortex® LT

Tips to turn PID loops into web applications using a PLC programming microcontroller..

Pneumatic Brake Controller: Let a Smart Controller Ease Demands on Operator Skill

Learn why brake controllers are so important to your operation…

Extruder Controller Explained

Article explains how an extruder controller works to control speed and torque for industrial extrusion machinery.

Four Quadrant Motor Control

This article provides information about four quadrant control and how DC drives with this feature can provide benefits for industrial motor operations.

Regenerative Control (another article about four quadrant motor control)

Explains how regenerative control works in DC drives or regen DC drives.  Also provides benefits for industrial uses.

Precision Potentiometer: Nema 12 Enclosures Explained

Read about how a Nema 12 enclosure works for precision potentiometers.

Industrial Motor Control: Preventive Maintenance

Get tips on how to develop a preventive maintenance plan for industrial motors and drives.

Modbus® Protocols

Understanding the benefits of Modbus® protocols and how they work in industrial applications.

Current Sensing Circuit

Benefits, applications, product recommendation and more for measuring current.

Eddy-Current Brakes:  Comparing Air-Cooled with Liquid-Cooled Brakes

Read comparison for air-cooled and liquid-cooled Eddy-Current brakes..

Buy DC Drives: 5 Helpful Hints

Five tips for distributors or end users of industrial DC drives; things to know before buying DC drives.

3 Tips for a More Efficient DC Motor

Here are three ideas to create an efficient DC motor/drive system for your plant or facility.

Save Time and Money when Troubleshooting DC Drives

Save time with Carotron’s DC drive troubleshooting product, Drive Circuit Monitor. Also, read about 3 key elements of troubleshooting in an industrial setting.

Data Logging Services by Carotron

Read how our Data Logging Services can benefit your company through improved production…

Armature and Field Control with DC Drives

Read about armature and field control for DC motors using DC drives…

DC Motors and Drives vs. AC: Checklist for Your Application

Checklist for determining whether your operation needs AC or DC motors and drives…

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Benefits for Industrial Uses

Read about the benefits of HMI in an industrial setting…

Achieving AC Motor Speed Control

Controlling AC motors with drives for accurate speed control methods…

Web Handling and Tension Control

Web handling explained in more depth, tension controllers available on the market, and more…

Commercial Generators:  Buying Tips for S.C. Businesses

Carotron sales and installs Generac generators for local resident and businesses in Heath Springs, Lancaster, Fort Mills and nearby communities. Learn more and get tips here…

Din-Rail Mountable Controls Save Space

Read why din-rail mounting for industrial controls can save space in your facility…

Din-Rail Mountable:  Time-Saving Feature for Motor Controls

Learn about the benefits of ordering din-rail mountable controllers for your facility’s industrial motors…

Linear Actuator Controller for Edge Guiding

Tips, common applications, product recommendation for edge guiding control, during the film or web guiding process.

Solid State Starters

Gives benefits of solid state starters and explain how reduced voltage starters work to prevent wear and tear on an industrial motor.

Digital Tachometer: Benefits and Applications

Read about the benefits and various industrial uses for a digital tachometer.

DC Drive Repair

Read here to get tips on repairing DC motor drives and proper removal of broken parts and modules.

DC Motor Repair or Maintenance

Tips to help you decide whether a DC motor should be repaired or replaced – a few maintenance tips included.

AC Solid State Starters

Space-saving benefits of an AC soft starter that has an integrated bypass contactor. Great for emergency starts too!

Tension Load Cells

Explains tension load cells and how they help in the process of tension control in industrial facilities.

Load Cell Amplifiers

How load cell amplifiers work in industrial applications to control speed and torque.

Electronic Potentiometers

Read about the pros of modernized electronic potentiometers, applications and more.

Comparison of Single Phase and Three Phase Transformers

Differences between single and three phase transformers for industrial applications

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