HMI (Human Machine Interface), Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers

HMI, Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers


HMI, Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers

PAX Panel Meters

HMI, Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers

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HMI, Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers

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HMI, Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers

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HMI, Panel Meters, Temperature Controllers

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Does your business need a reliable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) or panel meter to continue efficient operations? As critical components of many industries, HMI and panel meters facilitate accurate and effective use of diverse systems. 

At Carotron, we offer dependable solutions to support numerous systems and devices, and we're always here to discuss your requirements and help you select the most viable option. If you're looking for the right components for your work, we can help you find what you need for applications ranging from simple process control to complex monitoring tasks.

What Is a Human Machine Interface?

An HMI allows operators to interact with a system, machine or device. The display screen conveys machine information in ways that make sense for human cognition. The interface facilitates accurate, efficient engagement between a human user and the system, handling tasks ranging from monitoring machine input and output to tracking production data to creating visual displays.

HMIs appear in many different industries today, such as the medical, automotive and industrial fields. People use them on hand-held devices, in centralized control rooms, on vending machines and ATMs, and in a variety of other places.

What Is a Panel Meter?

A panel meter is a crucial tool for industries that must monitor the environment or the status of a piece of equipment. Essentially, they operate by receiving a voltage signal and then displaying the data visually. Some common types of panel meters include:

  • Digital panel meters: This type of panel meter receives an input signal and converts it to digital form, displaying a variable visually for reading.
  • Analog panel meters: These devices read an analog signal and then directly display the information without any conversion in the process.

Panel meters can appear in applications measuring pressure, temperature or other variables. For example, one common type of panel meter is the temperature controller, a panel application that measures the current temperature of an environment and determines the heating or cooling level required to regulate it. 

HMI and Panel Meters We Offer

We have diverse selections of HMI and panel meters to meet your unique application requirements. If you need HMIs, we offer products with standard Ethernet and complete functionality to work with motor drives, PLCs and many other devices. For panel meters, you can choose from an extensive inventory of products to monitor your desired variable. From dual-line display to compact size to large display options, we have the components to fit your application.

Work With Us to Get Optimized Electronic Component Solutions

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 Whether you need technical support for a product you've purchased from us or want in-depth knowledge on a specific topic, our experienced team is here to help. If you'd like more information on our offerings or are interested in a free product quote, contact ustoday.