Benefits of Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Industrial Uses

Human machine interface (HMI) products feature the necessary electronics to control and signal various types of automation equipment in an industrial setting. HMI products range from simplistic designs with basic LED indicator screens to more complex HMI systems with touchscreen and other features.  HMI systems must be robust and able to withstand harsh environments.  They should be resistant to dust, water, moisture, extreme temperatures (hot or cold), and in some cases, even exposure to harsh chemicals.

There are numerous benefits to installing an HMI system in a plant or facility. Below are just a few…


Plant operators can view alarms provided by the human machine interface to locate any malfunction of equipment and react faster.  Alarms may be preventive, alerting the operator before an emergency level is reached.  Alarms can also be used to track various problems and to optimize manufacturing processes to increase productivity.

Reliable Messaging

Operators can rely on HMI messaging for pages, faxes, etc. when certain events happen.  For instance, operators can be alerted automatically when a machine’s fuel level is low and needs to be refilled.

Easier Overall Management of Plant

Easily manage and execute recipes using HMI technology.  The high quality graphics of HMI systems provide a realistic view of plant operations so an operator can control the facility from a central location.  This helps with security issues as well because the operator does not have to approach danger areas or be near the equipment to control the monitor.

Accurate Testing with Simulation

Plant managers can easily test devices and equipment using a flexible HMI with simulation.  Testing can be achieved in office without a single piece of equipment.  This helps reduce startup time and improve overall production.

Cost Reduction

A human machine interface can reduce operation costs because it can replace hundreds of selectors, push buttons, indicator lights, etc. This means the need for additional panels, cables and consoles is also greatly reduced.

Red Lion HMI ProductsImproved Communications

HMI improves communications among various types of equipment throughout the facility with the use of remote I/O, Ethernet, serial port, Data Highway Plus, DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange), and other methods.

As you can see, adding a human machine interface can benefit a facility in operation, safety and productivity.  Companies such as Red Lion provide a variety of HMI products (available for purchase through Carotron, Inc.) for even the most demanding industrial applications.  Read more about Red Lion HMI products here…

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