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Eddy-Current Drives & Controllers

Eddy-Current Drives & Controllers

Eddy-Current Drives and Controllers


At Carotron, we care about offering the safest and most efficient equipment to help operate industrial machinery. That’s why we carry a product line of eddy current controllers and drives along with our large selection of motor control products, parts and accessories. Having a reliable eddy current drive improves the performance of your motor and can have a positive impact on your process as a whole, in terms of both safety and finances.

Keep reading to learn more about our eddy current drives and how they can benefit you!

What Is an Eddy Current Drive?

An eddy current drive is a device that machine operators use to control the torque and speed of a machine’s motor. The drive has a drum and an input shaft that allow it to pair with an AC motor, and then the motor rotates the drum at a consistent speed. Meanwhile, a magnetic rotor within the drum generates an excitation current as its poles are magnetized by a DC current.

After the magnetic rotor develops the excitation current, this current causes a magnetic flux that the drum must pass through in order to generate eddy currents. This is the mechanism that controls the torque, which continues to help power the motor while the magnetic rotor and drum work in sync.

Eddy Current Drive Benefits

One of the main benefits of working with an eddy current drive over other drives is their high level of energy efficiency and the ability to deliver even if the motor is operating at little to no speed. Due to the fact that they can generate torque for loads at low speeds, they are ideal for machines that only need to run for short periods of time.

In addition, this device can save you money thanks to its durability and capacity to serve you and your equipment for many years. You can count on the eddy current driver to have a long lifespan, which means it’s the perfect long-term solution and will keep your machinery operating at its best.

Some of the other benefits you can rely on include easy repairs, convenient size and low noise levels.

What Are the Applications of Eddy Current Drives?

Eddy current controllers and drives have applications in a wide variety of industries, as they are mainly used in small and large torque loads for different types of machinery. Operators may use them to improve the functionality of automobiles, conveyors, stamping presses and more.

Industries and businesses that can benefit from eddy current drives include but are not limited to:

  • Textiles
  • Chemical
  • Plastic
  • Wire
  • Water

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