Motors & Starters

Keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently with high-quality drives and accessories from Carotron. We're committed to delivering solutions that meet all your requirements and optimize your processes. Whether you need AC motors, DC motors or accessories such as motor starters, work with us to equip yourself for various applications.

What Are AC and DC Motors?

While both are essentially electrically powered mechanisms that keep a larger machine operating, AC and DC motors do have some key differences. The largest differentiator between them is that AC motors operate using alternating current, and DC motors operate on direct current. 

DC Motors

Direct current motors are highly reliable, and they offer more straightforward installation and maintenance. When it comes to operation, they deliver higher startup torque and power as well. They respond quickly to acceleration, starting and stopping, and they have versatile applications in numerous fields. From industrial machinery to washing machines, DC motors run many of the most commonly used appliances in the modern world.

AC Motors

AC motors tend to deliver more power for applications and have a low startup power requirement, which effectively protects their components. AC motors are the more common variety in industrial settings, and many companies prefer them because they allow for advanced control of speed and torque. From pharmaceuticals to food and beverage processing to industrial plants, AC motors keep many applications running.

Motors and Starters We Have Available

We're here to deliver solutions for your operational needs, and we have a carefully curated inventory of products to help you find the right option. We believe in having our stock on hand for prompt distribution to our customers so you can get what you need as quickly as possible. From motors to motor starters, our selections offer options to meet your requirements.

  • Motor starters: We have several types of motor starters available, including permanent magnet and shunt-wound starters, to help you find what you need for your applications.
  • AC motors: From process lines to compressors to power gear reducers, our top-quality AC motors can power various devices in diverse industries.
  • DC motors: For demanding applications, we offer DC motors to handle many different environments, including wet, chemical and strict sanitary operations.

Get the Supplies You Need From Carotron

At Carotron, we know our products inside and out, and we're dedicated to delivering superior quality for every item. Whether your operations require AC or DC motor control drives, integrated systems or accessories, we have you covered with an in-stock inventory of products. We strive to go above and beyond by helping you solve problems while providing trusted equipment and components.

Our skilled, experienced staff can advise you on what you need for your applications, answer questions and direct you to the right resources. We believe that empowering our customers to be well-educated on complex industry topics is a vital part of our mission, and we're here to help make it happen.

Let us help you find your best solution. Reach out to us today for free quotes, tech support on purchased products and in-depth product insights.