Drives & Accessories

When you need drives and accessories to keep your operations going, we have the equipment you need to run your electric motors. With the right drive for your motor, you can keep it running optimally to power whatever function you need. Ensure that your motor has the necessary components to get the job done with efficient, capable internal equipment products.

What Are AC and DC Drives?

AC and DC drives are motor speed control systems that serve to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They manage the voltage to achieve the required operating speed for the motor. The main difference between the two is that DC drives convert alternating current to direct current, while AC drives adjust the frequency to control speed on an AC motor.

If you're wondering which drive type is best, the answer isn't always clear-cut. In many ways, what will work best for you will depend on your application and operating requirements.

DC Drives

While the industry has shifted more toward AC drives, DC drives are still crucial for many applications. This drive type is highly reliable and outperforms the AC variety in delivering better torque at lower speeds. At Carotron, we understand the continued value of DC drives and maintain in-depth knowledge of how they work. We manufacture high-performance DC drives to continue meeting critical needs in the industry.

AC Drives

AC drives are a popular option today because they deliver a superior process control interface. They are also more energy-efficient, meaning that they reduce waste throughout the operation process. Most commonly used for equipment such as conveyors, fans and pumps, variable speed drives like these are a valuable asset to the industry. Carotron offers a selection of dependable AC drives and can help you choose and install the right component for your operations.

Drives and Accessories We Have Available

As a drives and accessories manufacturer, we offer a wide selection of products to help you find the right fit for your application. Whether you're looking for drives, controllers or other accessories, we have what you need for your operations. Our offerings include:

  • AC drives: With an AC drive, you're able to match the required speed without the need for frequent gear changes, optimizing efficiency and reducing waste throughout the process.
  • DC drives and accessories: We have regenerative and nonregenerative drives in compact chassis models available to work with your application requirements.
  • Eddy-current drives and controllers: Offering exceptional efficiency even when the motor is running at a low speed, this option has a wide array of industrial applications.

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