Carotron Distributor Tips and Literature

Are you a Carotron distributor or thinking of becoming one?  View our list of informative tips and sales literature about motor control below…

*NOTE TO OUR DISTRIBUTORS: If you are a Carotron distributor, you may use these articles/tips for your own promotions.  Also, this page is a work-in-progress so check back often for updates!

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> Baldor to KB Electronics Cross Reference for DC & AC Drives

> Carotron Distributors: Now’s the Time to Woo Your Customers!

> Product Sales and Technical Training – FREE!

> 10 Tips for Choosing a DC Drives Manufacturer

> Fast Industrial Controller – Cardboard Web; Box Press

> 4 No-Nonsense Drive Solutions by Carotron

> New Life for Aging Motor Drives (Retrofit solutions for your customers)

> Motor Control Applications Summary for Carotron Distributors

> Carotron Custom Integration Summary

> Rock Crusher/Pick Breaker Conveyor Feeder Drive

> Sawmills Lower Energy Costs, Enhance Productivity, Increase Operator Safety – Benefits of Smart Controls by Carotron

> Help Your Customers Decide whether to Keep the DC Drive or Replace with an AC Drive

> Plastic Extruder DC Drive Retrofits with Carotron’s Elite Pro Digital Controller

> S~D~S (Start-Drive-Stop) from Carotron

> Save My Cotton Gin! Features and Benefits of SAF Solid State Starters for Ginning Machinery

> Single Phase Ferrets – Upgrade Your Customers to New State-of-the-Art DC Drives by Carotron

> Wire Drawing Machine Applications with DC Drives by Carotron



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