Power Converters and Disconnects

Power Converters and Disconnects

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Power Converters and Disconnects

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Power Converters and Disconnects


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When you need power to keep your operations going, ensure that you have the right power converters and disconnect switches to handle the load. With these devices, you can enable safe, efficient power use throughout your facility while protecting your systems in case of an unexpected circumstance.

At Carotron, we have components and equipment that can help you maintain safe, efficient operations and keep your electrical applications running. Partner with us to find dependable power converters and disconnects in our extensive inventory and get the high-performance supplies you need for your facility.

What Is an Electrical Disconnect Switch?

Whether in an emergency or for planned maintenance, you need to be able to quickly and safely disconnect power supplies. Electrical disconnect switches can work in conjunction with circuit breakers to detect when the current is greater than the circuit capacity. Upon identifying a potential issue, the disconnect switch will act quickly to protect the system when there's too much current.

Most common in electric motors, electrical disconnect switches are valuable in products ranging from air conditioners to industrial forklifts. Whether you want enclosed or unenclosed controls, you can choose from two types of electrical disconnect switches to fit your needs:

  • Fusible: With no fuse connections, this type of switch opens and closes a circuit without any circuit protection capabilities.
  • Non-fusible: This switch can combine with fuses in a single enclosure to provide overcurrent protection and convenient opening and closing of the circuit.

What Is a Power Converter Used For?

A power converter changes electric currents from one type to another, specifically from alternate current (AC) to direct current (DC). It allows the use of power across many different applications that may require different types of current. Renewable energy systems, industrial drives, heating systems, and various other devices, appliances and systems use power converters for operation.

What are the different types of converters? There are three main types of converters that change the data and voltage type to work with different applications:

  • Digital-to-digital converter (DDC): This type of converter converts one type of digital data into another.
  • Analog-to-digital converter (ADC): This option converts analog voltage to a digital data form, proportional to the voltage.
  • Digital-to-analog converter (DAC): With this converter type, digital data is transformed to an analog signal.

Get Reliable Power Converters and Disconnects From Carotron

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