Data Logging Services by Carotron, Inc.

Maximum Capture with a Carotron Data Logging System

by John N. McMurray, Sales Engineer, Carotron, Inc.

Data Logging Services

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The last half of the 3rd shift’s production is below spec.  Much of the material is obviously scrap.

What happened?

There are so many variables that could have contributed to the problem, but who can follow all of them all of the time?

A cost-effective solution is to install a Carotron Real-Time Data Logging System to display, monitor, and record the critical parameters.

Most any value or function you can measure can be tracked. 

Machine Power On/Off
Line Speed             Item Count
Temperature         Pressure
Web Tension         Operator ID
Date                         Time-of-Day
Material Thickness and Width

Once stored, the data can then be transmitted to a designated plant computer for fast analysis in spreadsheet form or as an electronic strip chart.

In addition, the local HMI display at the machine can be programmed to alert an operator in real time if certain process variables exceed preset limits.

Carotron can supply a complete system:

On-site machine survey and specification
Monitor/Control Enclosure with HMI
Switches, sensors, transducers
Data cables (for customer installation)
Custom Display Programming
Custom Reporting to plant PC
Remote Access programming

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