Manual Transfer Switches

Manual Transfer Switches

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Models 7103, 7205A, 7406, 7215 & 7416

A power outage can occur unexpectedly at any facility, and having backup power options is essential to efficient operation even when unforeseen circumstances happen. With manual transfer switches for your generators, you can keep critical circuits operating using a portable power generation solution.

Carotron offers dependable manual transfer switches that enable you to keep your operations going during an unplanned power outage. You can trust our high-performance products to deliver the power you need when it's most important. Whatever you may need to keep your operations running optimally, we're here to help. 

What Is a Manual Transfer Switch?

A manual transfer switch connects a generator to your facility's electrical wiring system, enabling the unit to power your essential applications directly. As a permanent installation beside your service panel, it makes turning on your generator safe and convenient. You'll be able to respond quickly to an outage and have ready access to the generator's power to keep your applications running.

In contrast to an automatic transfer switch, you manually control when the generator begins to power your facility. Whether you need an automatic or manual switch depends on your unique operational requirements. Manual switches tend to be more cost-effective to design, fabricate and install.

Why Do I Need a Transfer Switch?

With a transfer switch, you can handle an emergency outage more safely and smoothly, letting you keep operational interruptions to a minimum. Rather than creating a complex setup with extension cords from the generator to specific systems or machines, you can operate from your central wiring setup while still using the generator for power. Having a transfer switch will save you time and effort in an emergency, preventing power loss during an unexpected outage.

How Does a Transfer Switch Work?

When a power outage occurs, you'll need to switch all your applications to generator power. If you have an outage, your transfer switch system won't activate until you manually turn it on. To get it working, you'll simply need to switch your facility from receiving utility power to receiving power from the generator. With the press of the switch, you'll have the generator on and keeping your facility running until the power is restored.

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