Red Lion PAX 2 Panel Meters
Panel Meter Lines: PAX; PAX Lite; PAX2; LD; CUB5

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General Description

Red Lion PAX 2Red Lion PAX 2 Panel Meters feature a dual line display and an array of functions for universal use.  PAX 2 has a 0.7″ high, 6-digit main LCD display with three programmable, easy-to-read colors (orange, red and green).  To provide the meter’s operator with a visual display of changing conditions in an application, the color changes can be tied to the setpoints.  There’s also a second display line measuring 0.35″ in height with a 9-digit green LCD that can be programmed for any parameters available on that particular meter.  Red Lion PAX 2 Panel Meters provide an ideal solution for applications that require visual access to two parameters simultaneously.


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Red Lion PAX 2 Panel Meters

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