Red Lion LD Panel Meters
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General Description Red Lion LD Large Display Panel Meters

Red Lion LD (large display) timers, counter/rate, serial slave display and DC volt/current/process meters provide versatile functionality with red LED digits that are easy to read (sizes 2.25″ or 4″ available).  Easily monitor plant workroom processes from up to 180 feet away.  The Red Lion LD products come in basic timing or counting models as well as fully programmable models with setpoint control and communications.  The front panel is sealed with a rated NEMA 4X IP65 for washdown environments.

Popular LD (Large Display) Products by Red Lion:

LDA Large DC Volt/Current/Process Display
LDSS Large Serial Slave Display
LD Large Display Counter and Rate Indicator
LDT Large Display Timer and Cycle Counter

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Panel MetersCountersTimers

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Red Lion LD Panel Meters

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