Red Lion PAX Panel Meters
Panel Meter Lines: PAX; PAX Lite; PAX2; LD; CUB5

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General Description

Red Lion PAX Panel MetersRed Lion’s PAX panel meter is considered to be the workhorse of the company’s meter product line.  These panel meters have a variety of features to handle various application needs, including a sunlight readable display, field-installable options cards and more.  PAX panel meters are designed with the widest range of inputs in the industry, and include both digital and analog signals.  These meters feature a communications capability that allows the machine to collect data at various points and communicate that information to the management system.  The machine operator has a localized display without sacrificing these convenient features.

Popular PAX Products by Red Lion:

LPAX/MPAX Large PAX Display
PAXC Counter
PAXCK Timer and Real-time Clock
PAXD DC Volt & Current Input
PAXDP Dual Process Input Meter
PAXDR Rate Meter/Totalizer
PAXH AC True RMS Voltage and Current Meter
PAXI Counter Rate Meter
PAXP Process Input Meter
PAXR Rate Meter
PAXS Strain Gage Input
PAXT Thermocouple & RTD Panel Meter
PAXTM Preset Timer
EPAX/MPAX Extra Large PAX Display

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Red Lion PAX Panel Meters

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