Industrial Motor Control: Preventive MaintenanceRegenerative Control

This article explains how preventive maintenance can provide time and money savings for facilities that use heavy duty motors and industrial motor control products. In plant operations or other similar workplace facilities, one thing that’s desperately needed is a solid preventive maintenance plan. When there are production goals to meet, and heavy duty machinery and motors are being used to help meet those goals, it’s essential that the motors, motor drives and other equipment run smoothly and safely.

Since production workplace settings are so busy day in and day out, it’s easy to ignore the need for preventive maintenance or procrastinate until it’s too late.  And when a total breakdown of a motor occurs…this leads to downtime and lost profits for everyone that relies upon that particular machinery!

Tips to Develop a Preventive Maintenance Plan

1.  Schedule regular maintenance on all major equipment and accessories.  Parts that tend to wear out more quickly should be checked more often whereas heavy duty motors and their accompanying motor drives can probably be checked on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the type of operation and the amount of strain that’s put on the motor on a daily basis.

2.  When possible, assign the task of preventive maintenance to those who use and run the equipment often.  These employees will be able to recognize immediately if the equipment or motor is not performing up to par.

3.  Cleaning of equipment and surrounding areas should be done on a daily or at least weekly basis.  Exposure to dust particles, shavings, liquids, small pieces of material, fibers, etc. can hinder equipment from functioning properly.

4.  For motors or equipment that depend on ventilation, check the ventilation passages ever so often and change filters regularly.

5.  When necessary, make sure all sources of power have been disconnected before performing maintenance.

Whether maintaining industrial motor control products such as AC or DC motor drives or the actual industrial motors, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the removal of or cleaning of parts.  It’s essential that safety rules be followed as well to prevent accidents that can harm employees and/or the motor or equipment.

If you need help with preventive maintenance of heavy duty DC or AC motors, drives and other industrial motor control equipment, contact the manufacturer for assistance if customer support is available.  You might be able to speak directly with a qualified engineer that’s familiar with the motor or drive and get easy-to-follow instructions for maintenance. Some manufacturers also offer many motor control PDF files for download, including manuals, software and brochures.  Starting a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance schedule can help prevent future hassles by keeping all motors, drives and accessories operating at full capacity.  This produces a safer, more productive environment for everyone!

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