Carotron Brand Products are Made in USAConstant Tension Center Wind Control
Model D10337-000

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Constant Tension Control

General Description

The Carotron CTCW (Constant Tension Center Wind) Control is designed for use with a torque mode drive to provide constant tension control or taper tension control of a center driven winder. Web tension is regulated by controlling motor torque through varying levels of material roll diameter, line speed and line acceleration rate. These diameter, friction and inertia compensating torque signals are summed with other torque signals to further provide control of core tension, taper tension, stall tension and even Winder motor RPM when in the JOG mode. The CTCW can accept an external diameter signal or can calculate diameter from Line and Winder speed signals by an internal Radius Computer with memory. A +10 VDC reference is available for a direct contact rider roll compensator to measure diameter. The Line Speed signal input is isolated to allow use of existing feedback or process tachometers.

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*Note: Carotron has released the new MicroManager 3000 Series CTCW (Model MM3000-CTCW), which can be used for brand new applications or replacements.

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General DescriptionStandard FeaturesSpecificationsApplication ExampleDimensions/Connections

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Constant Tension Control, Center Wind
Model D10337-000

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