Carotron Brand Products are Made in USABLAZER® IV Series
1/4 – 5 HP
Isolated Regen Drives

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General Description

The Blazer IV Series of D.C. motor controls (regen drives) provide full-wave, four-quadrant regenerative speed or torque control for 1/4-5 HP shunt wound and permanent magnet D.C. motors.  Enclosed models are rated NEMA 12.

The BRC700 models are loaded with standard features that only Carotron could provide reliably.

One very important feature of the Blazer IV Regenerative DC Drives series is control circuit isolation. The control circuit of each model is completely isolated from the power circuit.

This isolation protects reference circuits and feedback circuits from possible damage due to accidental shorts to ground. Also, this standard isolation greatly simplifies master reference, tachometer follower and process control applications.

Another primary feature is an armature contactor for safety disconnect during normal stop conditions. Logic in the BLAZER IV control circuit assures that current flow to the motor has ceased prior to de-energizing the contactors. This reduces electrical stress and increases contactor life.

Encoder or pulse tachometer feedback is another key standard feature in the BLAZER IV BRC700 Series. This feature allows frequency signals required for process monitoring to be used to improve speed regulation and simplify system requirements. Other standard feedback methods available in each model are armature voltage or 7 and 50 VDC tachometers.

An accessory drive circuit monitor, Model DCM100-000, is available to assist in set-up and troubleshooting by plugging into the control board to easily access 20 separate signals.

Additional features of the BLAZER IV SERIES are listed on the following pages. As you can see, these units are loaded with innovative features that can simplify your drive applications.


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Typical Applications/Features for the Blazer IV Regenerative Drives Series Include:

  • Regen Drives
  • Full-Wave
  • Four-Quadrant
  • Speed Control
  • Control Circuit Isolation
  • Torque Control
  • 1/4 – 5 HP Range
  • Encoder/Pulse Tachometer Feedback
  • Armature Contactor
  • Shunt Wound and Permanent Magnet DC Motors


General Description Standard FeaturesSpecificationsModel Ratings/DimensionsConnections

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1/4 – 5 HP
Isolated Regen Drives

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