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Drive Circuit Monitor

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General Description

The DCM100-000 Drive Circuit Monitor provides a precision handheld, motor control troubleshooting aid for use with the Carotron CHOICE®, BLAZER®, BLAZER®IV, Elite®, & Field Regulator products.  The unit is battery operated from a single 9 VDC battery and conveniently plugs into the device to be tested via a 2 foot ribbon cable. The heart of this instrument is a precision 3-3/4 digit auto-ranging voltmeter integrated circuit.  The DCM100 contains a switching circuit to select between numerous check points on the device under test. Supplied with each instrument is a padded carrying case to protect the unit in a maintenance environment. Also supplied are detailed pocket size User Guide booklets for each series.


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General Description Standard FeaturesModel Ratings/Dimensions

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Drive Circuit Monitor (motor control troubleshooting)

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