Textile Manufacturing & Machinery: Motor Control Retrofits by Carotron

 by John N. McMurray
Sales Engineer

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Over the past year, the Carotron Systems Integration Group has designed, built, installed, and commissioned a number of control systems for new and used web handling machines, with an emphasis on Inspection Frames. Particularly in the area of technical textiles, the need for precision web handling is critical.  Quality control for the safety and durability of finished products depends largely on care taken in the manufacture of each component part.

Systems range from simple to complex.  From a basic pneumatic brake letoff stand and single-drive bed roll rewinder to a sophisticated range with driven single or dual supply rolls, entry accumulator, printing station, pad coater, hot air oven or steam can dryer array, exit accumulator, and precision dual-driven-roll surface takeup that defines final packing ratio, Carotron has provided successful, cost-effective control solutions.

In addition to Process Control, we offer a wide range of operational automation features and machine production data reporting.  Menus in the HMI allow operators to select a large number of parameter presets for particular style numbers.  This saves time and minimizes data entry errors.  Periodic reports are generated automatically and sent over the local plant intranet to designated computers.  A range of Caution and Alarm Limits can be programmed to anticipate problems before they create scrap.  All of these features minimize costs and maximize productivity.

Most of the reclaimed equipment is either from idled domestic mills or from machines returned from overseas to, once again, be used to provide Made in USA jobs!  This is American quality at work.

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(images/drawings included)

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