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Baldor DC Motors Available at Carotron, Inc.

Permanent Magnet DC Motors by Baldor – 90/180 Volt Armature DC Motors
Baldor DC Motors Baldor offers 90/180 volt armature DC motors, from 1/4 hp thru 5 hp; including wash down DC motors.  Typical applications include mixers, conveyors and packaging machinery.  These feature NEMA C-face enclosures with a removable base; also tach adaptable with Class F insulation.  Double sealed ball bearings for rigidness and a 20:1 constant torque speed range.  These are UL and CSA recognized.

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Shunt Wound DC Motors by Baldor – 90/180 Volt Armature DC Motors
DC Motors by Baldor Find an array of shunt wound DC motor offerings at Baldor. The Shunt Wound SCR drive motors, TEFC and Explosion Proof c-face (with base) have NEMA 56C thru 215C enclosures, and power 1/4 hp thru 3 hp.  Applications include textile machines, conveyors, machine tools and printing.

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Buy Baldor Motors Check out Baldor’s RPM III DC Shunt Wound SCR Drive Motors. These have 180V Armature, Power Code K and feature a unique laminated square frame for improved commutation on rectified power supplies. NEMA 189ATY thru 2112ATCZ; 1.5 thru 5 hp.  Typical applications include extruders, metals, paper, conveyors, printing, cranes, machine tools and packaging.

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Purchase Motors by Baldor RPM III DC Shunt Wound SCR Drive Motors have 240V armature, 240V field, power code C, with 3 hp thru 10 hp.  Features include matched IR drops within approximately 5 volts, tach adaptable with thermostat, and specially designed for use on multi-motor drives operating on a common voltage power supply such as roofing machines, textile range drives, tube mills, etc. These are NEMA 1811ATCZ thru 2113ATCZ, with F-1 mounting.

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240/500 Volt Armature DC Motors by Baldor
Baldor 240/500 Volt DC Motors Baldor’s RPM III DC Shunt Wound SCR Drive TEFC Motors have 240V and 500V armature, with Power Code C – 5 hp thru 50 hp.  These feature a unique laminated square frame with square configuration that allows for increased rating per frame size.  These motors also feature Class F rated insulation, Service Line brushes, PLS(TM) (Positive Lubrication System and F-1 mounting.  NEMA 1812ATZ thru 3212ATZ.  Typical applications include extruders, cranes, conveyors, printing, metals, papwer, web processes, and others.

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No Image Available The Baldor RPM III Wound Field SCR DPG-FV motors have 240V and 500V armature with Power Code C.  NEMA 2113ATZ thru 4414ATZ, 10 thru 500 horsepower.  These work well for applications such as printing, metals, machine tools, cranes, and extruders.  Features include a tach that’s adaptable with a thermostat, F1 mounting and more.

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 RPM III Wound Field SCR Motors by Baldor The RPM III Wound Field SCR Drives DPG motors by Baldor have 240V and 500V armature, Power Code C, and 3 thru 60 horsepower.  NEMA 189ATCZ thru 2812ATZ with features such as a laminated square frame to improve commutation on rectified power supplies, a high limit thermostat, Class F insulation, PLS (Positive Lubrication System), F-1 mounting unless stated otherwise, and more.  Typical applications for this motor include extruders, conveyors, paper, printing, packaging, web processes, cranes and machine tools.

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 Baldor Shunt and Stabilized Shunt Wound DC Motors Baldor’s SCR drive, shunt and stabilized shunt wound motors are DPFG, self ventilated and have a rigid base.  NEMA L186AT thru 506AT, 5 thru 250 horsepower. These feature a thermostat on interpole, high dielectric stability, Class F insulation that’s resistant to dust, dirt, carbon and moisture, constant pressure brush springs, longer brushes, grease fittings and reliefs, Power Code C and D or M-G sets, and more. They also have maximum RPM by field weakening and provisions for tach mounting.  The motors may be converted to blower ventilated type (DPBV) to extend the constant torque speed range.

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Buy Baldor DC Motors This Baldor Shunt and Stabilized Shunt Wound motor has a DPBV enclosure with a rigid base.  NEMA 328AT thru 5010AT, 40 thru 500 horsepower.  Features include Class F insulation, a thermostat on interpole, high dielectric stability, constant pressure brush springs and longer brushes to reduce maintenance, Power Code C or M-G sets, and tach mounting provisions.  Blower-ventilated, includes filter.

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 Baldor DPFG SCR Drive Motor The Baldor DPFG SCR Drive Motor, 240V armature – 240V field shunt wound, is self ventilated, C-Face, with a rigid base. NEMA L186ATC thru 258ATC, 3 thru 15 horsepower.  It features a thermostat on interpole, Class F insulation (resistant to dirt, dust, moisture and carbon), low moment of inertia armature for fast response, high dielectric stability, Power Code C or M-G sets, maximum RPM by field weakening, and more.  Common applications for this motor include plastic extruders, conveyors, packaging machinery, and other applications requiring constant torque for DC SCR motors.

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