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Permanent Magnet 1/4 – 3 horsepower; 90V & 180V DC Motors by Leeson
Leeson Permanent Magnet DC Motors Leeson offers a variety of TEFC-SCR Rated 90V and 180V NEMA 56C PM motors.  These are typically used with SCR controllers that require adjustable speed and constant torque throughout the speed range, and dynamic braking as well.  Mechanical and electrical features include NEMA C-face enclosures, removable base (bolt on), PWM or SCR rated, oversized brushes (longer life), brush holder design for easy access and high starting torque.

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Explosion-Proof DC Motors 1/3- 3/4 horsepower by Leeson
Explosion Proof DC Motors by Leeson Explosion-proof DC motors by Leeson provide ample power in hazardous industrial settings where certain explosive materials or gases are present.  Features include easy brush access for field service, NEMA 56C face, removable base (56-frame), UL and CSA listed, 3/4-14NPT pipe nipple for lead exit hole, double-shielded ball bearings (pre-lubricated), optional explosion-proof conduit box available as a kit, and pilot-duty thermostats.

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Leeson Washguard Duty DC Motors
Leeson Washguard Duty NEMA C-Face

Leeson offers Washguard Duty DC motors that are perfect for applications that require washdown or otherwise wet environments. Painted with Epoxy, these motors are protected against the entrance of water during cleaning operations.  They feature drain holes to release any water that does get into the motor.  The motor’s interior is also coated for added protection against corrosion. 

Features for Leeson’s Washguard Duty DC motors include USDA approved Epoxy paint, double sealed, over-sized bearings, high quality 303 stainless steel shafts, spring loaded contact seals and patented “V” ring Forsheda seal, and enamel and polyester coating for the interior surfaces.To the left is a photo of Leeson’s NEMA C Face Washguard DC motor with a removable base, TENV, Thyristor Rated 90 & 180 volts.

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Washguard Duty DC Motors by Leeson Here’s the SUB-FHP IP55 Washguard Motor, SCR Rated (90 volt), TENV, square flange or C-face.  This precision subfractional horsepower DC permanent magnet motor is designed for use with fullwave non-filtered SCR controls or battery supplied low voltage for adjustable speed applications that require constant torque throughout the speed range. 

Features include spring-loaded contact shaft seal, cast conduit box, enamel and polyester protectant for endshields, frame, armature and interior components, 303 stainless steel to resist corrosion, and more.  There’s also a low voltage model (12 volts), TENV, with square flange or c-face.

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 Premium Stainless Steel Duck DC Motors by Leeson Premium Stainless Steel Duck Washguard DC Motors by Leeson Permanent Magnet, NEMA & Metric (IEC) Frame, SCR Rated

Leeson’s Premium Stainless Steel Duck DC motors are designed for use in demanding applications with strict sanitation requirements, such as food processing, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.  These also work well in clean room and severe chemical-processing applications which require frequent washdown with caustic lye and nitric.  

These motors have a number of great mechanical and electrical features, including interior coatings, double-sealed bearings, endshields that are O-ring sealed to the frame, full fact nameplate, new conduit box mounting system, linear speed/torque characteristics, high starting torque, and many others.  Premium Stainless Steel Duck motors are UL recognized and CSA Certified.

Models include:
*TEFC, SCR Rated 90 & 180V NEMA, C-Face with base, 1/4 – 1 hp
*TEFC, SCR Rated 90 & 180V NEMA, C-Face less base, 1/4 – 1 hp
*TEFC, SCR Rated 90 & 180V Metric (IEC), C-Face with base 1/3 – 1 hp
*TEFC, SCR Rated 90 & 180V Metric (IEC), C-Face less base 1/3 – 1 hp

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