Carotron Brand Products are Made in USATeachable Multi-Turn Position Sensor
Model MTPS-16-010

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Teachable Multi-Turn Position SensorGeneral Description

The Teachable Multi-Turn Position Sensor is designed for applications that would typically require mechanical gearing to achieve the full range of the sensor. Our Multi-Turn Position Sensor can source 0 – 10VDC (4-20mA upon request) output by simply pressing a pushbutton at each end of travel. The travel range of our standard sensor can be taught from a fraction of a turn up to 16 turns (256 Max upon request). Once the sensor is taught the minimum and maximum travel positions, it will retain these values even
with the loss of power.

Typical applications for this sensor include Dancer Position, Accumulator Position, Slide Gate Position or any application requiring position feed back. The teachable sensor is mounted in a steel housing that is constructed from 16 gauge steel and is designed to meet the requirements of NEMA 12. This high quality position sensor has an accuracy of +/-0.35° (+/-21 arc-min). Quality components, precision and modular construction all combine to produce dependability, simplified installation and competitive pricing.

To set the output range of the sensor, simply rotate the shaft to the minimum position and press the Low Limit Switch for 2 seconds. Rotate the shaft to the maximum position and press the High Limit Switch for 2 seconds. The unit is now calibrated for 0-10VDC out from the minimum to maximum position.

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General DescriptionSpecificationsDimensions/Connections

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Teachable Multi-Turn Position Sensor
Model MTPS-16-010

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