Linemaster Hercules Foot Potentiometer

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General Description

NEMA Type 1, 2, 4 & 13 EN 60529 Degree of Protection IP56 (IP68 Upon Request)

Driptight • Dusttight • Watertight • Oiltight

Need a reliable Linemaster foot potentiometer?  The Hercules foot switch has long been the company’s signature switch.  It can withstand the harshest environments in industrial or similar settings while taking substantial abuse.  This foot pedal potentiometer has a built-in foot guard for added protection in the field.  It is built for heavy duty applications such as Man Lifts, Welding and others. 

Multiple options are available, such as Full Shield, “O” Shield, “OX” Shield, and No Shield.


Degree of

Description Circuit Form Electrical
IP56 500-H-5K Momentary 5k or 10k OHM Pot.
500-H-10K ———-
IP56 500-AH-5K Momentary 1 Auxiliary SPDT Contact C 5k or 10k OHM Pot.
500-AH-10K 15 A 125-250 VAC Contacts
IP56 500-A2H-5K Momentary 2 Auxiliary SPDT Contacts C 5K or 10K OHM Pot.
500-A2H-10K 15 A 125-250 VAC Contacts
IP56 500-A3H-5K Momentary 3 Auxiliary SPDT Contacts C 5k or 10k OHM Pot.
500-A3H-10K 15 A 125-250 VAC Contacts


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General Description Standard Features

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Linemaster Hercules Foot Pedal Potentiometer

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