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Models EGS200-2.2V, EGS200-2.2I, EGS200-1.0V & EGS200-1.0I

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Fiber Optic Edge Sensor

General Description

Edge Sensor (Fiber Optic)   The Carotron Model EG2000-XXX uses Fiber Optic technology to sense the edge of a web in motion.  This optical sensor has a rugged, compact build.  It is insensitive to ambient light, which makes it ideal for most web guiding applications.  This unit can be purchased with a 1″ or 2.2″ viewing window depending on the desired resolution.  Two different model amplifiers can be used to allow for 0-10VDC or 4-20mA output.  This proportional output can be used with a variety of Carotron’s system controllers to form a complete Edge Guide solution.

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General DescriptionSpecificationsDimensions/Connections

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Fiber Optic Edge Detection Sensor by Carotron, Inc.

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