Opal LT RVS-AX Analog Soft Starter by SAF

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General Description

The OPAL LT is a dependable Analog Soft Starter rated at 8-170A, 220-600V, three-phase control, complete with current limit, motor protection and built-in bypass features. The OPAL LT is an optimal solution for small to medium size motors, in demanding applications. Ease of installation and operation make it an ideal cost effective starter choice.

Opal LT Soft Starter by SAFHere are a few benefits:
· Soft start & Soft stop
· Current Limit
· Built-in motor protection
· Built-in bypass (31-170A only)
· Start / Stop by voltage free contact
· Compact, small footprint
· Aluminum case
· Line or inside Delta connection

Display LEDs:
· On – Mains voltage connected
· Ramp Up/Down
· Run
· Overload
· Phase Loss
· Over Temperature
· Auxiliary Relays
· End of Acceleration Relay, one- N.O. contact
· Fault Relay, one- N.O contact

Motor Starter Protection:
· Electronic overload
· Phase loss
· Starter over-temperature
· SCR protection by Metal Oxide Varistors

· Pumps
· Compressors
· Fans & Blowers
· Conveyors & Monorail Systems
· Starting from weak power supplies
· Diesel generators, long supply lines, etc.

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General DescriptionModel Ratings/Dimensions

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Opal LT RVS-AX Series by SAF; Analog Soft Starters

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