Roto-Con Rotary Phase Converter (3 Phase Converter)

Manufactured by Ronk Electrical

Roto-Con Rotary Phase ConverterThe UL Listed Roto-Con 3-Phase rotary phase converter by Ronk Electrical is both economical and reliable.  It can operate a variety of equipment in applications such as woodworking shops, metal shops, printing, pivot irrigation towers, milling and grain handling.  Its flexibility for various types of loads make the Roto-Con a cost effective alternative to three-phase line extensions.  The Roto-Con phase converter is easy to install with minimal maintenance needs.

The Roto-Con is designed to work best with motors that do not operate continuously at high load levels or for non-motor loads.  It is available for 240 Volt or 480 Volt operation, with total load ratings from 2 to 120 horsepower.  Larger horsepower or special voltage requirements can be accommodated if needed.  It’s never been easier to convert single phase power to 3 phase power.  Also, check out the Type S static phase converter.

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