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Carotron now offers products by Drive Source International, Inc. or DSI/Dynamatic®, formerly Eaton Dynamatic.  DSI/Dynamatic® is a manufacturer of Dynamatic® brand products, parts and services that stocks thousands of products and parts, including Eddy-current drives, factory-warrantied replacement parts.  DSI/Dynamatic® also provides an environmentally-friendly alternative through its preventative maintenance program, remanufacturing services, and upgraded digital controls for all brands of vintage Eddy-current drives.

Eddy-current drives help narrow the field when choosing a drive if you need to minimize the cost of downtime.  Why?  No other drive technology operates with such simplicity, with so few parts to wear out…and with minimal maintenance.  Many engineers and designers prefer eddy-current drives due to the long-term savings.

Eddy-Current Drives:

–  Dynamatic® AS/FAS Drives (Ajusto Spede)
–  Dynamatic® AT Drives
–  Dynamatic® DCD Drives
–  Dynamatic® CES Press Drives
–  TECO Eddy-Current Drives
–  TASC & Heenan Eddy-Current Drives

Other DSI/Dynamatic® Products:

–  Air cooled, adjustable speed drives
–  Liquid cooled adjustable speed couplings (rated from .25 HP through 6,000 HP)
–  Air and liquid cooled brakes
–  Adjustable frequency dynamometers
–  High speed motors
–  Digital and solid state controllers
–  CES press drives and digital controls
–  Over spare parts built to original Dynamatic® brand factory specifications


–  Metal Forming / Press Stamping
–  Water & Wastewater
–  Asphalt & Aggregate
–  Chemical
–  Plastic & Rubber
–  Pulp & Paper
–  Textile
–  Wire & Cable



*Automotive:  Test stands for measuring and controlling torque, speed and horsepower (input and output), of a manufacturer’s product.

*Chain Conveyors:  Many chain-type conveyors that are utilized automotive and coating plants require adjustable speed for acceleration and deceleration control, product transfer, general production rate control and controlling specific product operations (dyeing, painting, dipping, etc.)  

*High Torque:  Eddy-current drives are well suited for high-torque applications because they can provide high torque over a wide speed range.  

*Tension Control & Winder:  The simple, flexible speed adjustment and control qualities of the Dynamatic® Eddy-Current provides an accurate and inexpensive means of tension control and winder applications.

The DSI/Dynamatic® Advantage for Your Company

 24-Hour Support & Service

 Drop-In Replacements and Parts For All Make and Models Eddy-Current Drives and Controls  1/4 Thru 10,000 HP Designs Custom Engineered Systems & Controls
♦ Around-the-clock Tech Support
♦ Worldwide Quick-Ship Service
♦ Factory Drive and Control Re-Manufacture Program
♦ Worldwide Support
♦ On-Site Service
♦ Eaton™
♦ Louis Allis™
♦ Magnetek™
♦ Yaskawa™
♦ Teco™
♦ TASC  / Heenan
♦ Torspec™
♦ Sterling™
♦ Electric Machinery™
♦ US Motors™
♦ Emerson / WER™
♦ Hitachi
♦ Ampli-Speed / Regutron™
♦ Air-cooled Drives and Brakes
♦ Liquid-cooled Clutches & Brakes
♦ CES Press Drives and Controls
♦ High-speed AC Motors
♦ Eddy-Current Brakes
♦ AC Variable Frequency Drives
♦ DC Drives and Controls
♦ Digital Press Drives
♦ Wastewater Pump Upgrades
♦ Engine / Motor Testing
♦ Chain / Conveyor Multi-drive Systems
♦ Application Specific Control Design / Build
♦ Centrifuge Brakes
♦ Winding / Tension Control
♦ Asphalt Cold-feed Conveyor Drives
♦ Bulk-feed Coal Conveyors
♦ Fan and Pump Drives
 Insist on Authentic Dynamatic, TASC & Heenan Replacement Parts Factory Re-Manufacturing Digital Control Upgrades
♦ Manufactured to Factory Prints
♦ Original Equipment Material & Tolerance Specifications
♦ Full Parts Support on all Vintage Eddy-Current Drives, Brakes and Controls
♦ Accept No Substitutions
♦ Using Only Original Equipment Parts
♦ Experienced Eddy-Current Technicians
♦ Restored to Factory New Condition
♦ Fully Tested
♦ Minimal Turn-around Time
♦ Factory Warranty
♦ Control / Printed Circuit Board Analysis & Repair
♦ New Drop-in Press Drive Controls
♦ EC2000 Digital Replacement for Mark III and Older Custom Controls
♦ Water-cooled Clutch Controls
♦ Salient Pole / Pump Drive Upgrade Controllers for Eaton®,  Louis Allis® & Electric Machinery™

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