METER-RITE® Double-throw Switches – Grade Level

Features and Benefits
-Enclosures built from durable, lightweight aluminum
-Switches feature the exclusive spring tension design
-Lugs for aluminum or copper conductors
-Available in 100 A through 400 A @240 VAC and 200 A through 800 A @600 VAC
-Single and three phase
-Neutral bar included


ModelAmpsVoltsSUSEUL ListedPoles/Action
7103100 A240 V XDouble-pole, double-throw (DPDT)
7205A200 A240 V XDouble-pole, double-throw
7406400 A240 V XDouble-pole, double-throw
7215200 A240 VXXDouble-pole, double-throw
7416400 A240 VXXDouble-pole, double-throw
7805200 A240 V XTriple-pole, double-throw (TPDT)
7806400 A240 V XTriple-pole, double-throw
7815200 A240 VXXTriple-pole, double-throw
7816400 A240 VXXTriple-pole, double-throw
T-5233-6800 A600 V  Double-pole, double-throw
7800-6200 A600 V  Triple-pole, double-throw
7808-6400 A600 V  Triple-pole, double-throw
T-6233-6800 A600 V  Triple-pole, double-throw


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