Carotron Engineered Systems

Below are application examples of some systems that we have designed. Please contact Carotron today for assistance with your application.

Coating Line Upgrade

Below are some pictures from a coating line that Carotron helped upgrade. The existing drives were re-used, and our Cortex LT system controllers were utilized to add additional control features. In addition, three Red Lion Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) were installed.

Inspection Frame

The pictures below are from an inspection frame system. An operator inspects the material as it is unwound and then rewound. The system utilizes the Cortex LT controller along with loadcells to maintain tension. An ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the unwind diameter. This measurement is used in the Cortex LT to calculate the correct center driven unwind speed.

Eight Block Wire Draw Line

Below is an 8 block wire drawing control system that we designed for a customer. In this system, Blocks 1-4 are always enabled. Blocks 5-7 are optional and can be bypassed if not needed for a particular material style. Each block has a dancer compensator that is controlled by the DC drive.
8 block wire drawing

Fan Control with Soft Start Bypass

Below is a photo of a fan control system with an optional soft start bypass. In manual mode, the speed can be set by the door mounted keypad. In auto mode, the drive uses a pressure feedback sensor. The fan speed is automatically adjusted to maintain a desired air pressure. An emergency backup soft start option allows the fan motor to run directly from the AC power.

Platarg Press Transprobe Replacement

Having trouble with your Platarg Press Transprobe unit? Can't get it repaired for a reasonable price? We designed a functional replacement using off the shelf standard components including an HMI (Human Machine Interface).

Flash Ager 19 Drive Line

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