KBMM™ Series DC Drives by KB Electronics

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 1/100 – 11⁄2 HP(1) @ 115 VAC – 50/60 Hz
1/50 – 3 HP(1) @ 230 VAC – 50/60 Hz
Short Circuit Proof (2) – 5 Year Warranty(3)

Standard Features

• Plug-in Horsepower Resistor®(5) – Eliminates the need to calibrate control for IR Comp and Current Limit when used on various horsepower motors.
• Auto Inhibit® – Allows the control to be rapidly switched “on” and “off” using the AC line.
• Inhibit and Enable – Allows the control to be turned “on” and “off” using electronic switching.
• Trimpots: MIN & MAX Speed, IR Comp, Current Limit, ACCEL & DECEL
• Model KBMM-225D can operate on 115 or 230 VAC input with 90 or 180 VDC motors. – Jumper selectable.
• Model KBMM-225 operates on 230 VAC input with 90 or 180 VDC motors.
• Armature or Tach-Generator Feedback
• MOV Transient Protection
• SMT Construction
• Power On and Current Limit LED Indicators
• Built-in Armature and AC Line Fusing(5)
• Main Speed Potentiometer (5 kΩ)

Optional Accessories

• Auxiliary Heat Sink (Part No. 9861) – Doubles the horsepower rating of the control.
• Barrier Terminal Board (Part No. 9897) – Converts the quick-connect terminals of the KBMM™ to a barrier terminal block. Contains PC board mounted line and armature fuse holders. Plugs onto the quick-connect terminals of the KBMM™.
• SI-6 Signal Isolator (Part No. 9444) – Provides isolation between nonisolated signal sources and the KBMM™. Plugs onto the quick-connect terminals of the KBMM™. Contains barrier terminal block.
• Run/Brake Module (Part No. 9952) – Used for applications that require rapid stopping of the motor. Contains barrier terminal block.
• Barrier Terminal Accessory Kit (Part No. 9883) – When used with the Auxiliary Heat Sink, it converts the quick-connect terminals of the KBMM™ to a barrier terminal block and provides built-in fusing.
• Dial Plate and Knob Kit (Part No. 9832) – Provides indication of the Main Speed Potentiometer position (incremented form 0 – 100%).
• Finger-Safe Cover (Part No. 9564)(6) – Converts the control from open chassis to the IP-20 standard.
• DIN Rail Mounting Kit (Part No. 9995)
• RFI Filters – A variety of filters are available in both undermount and remote designs. The filters comply with CE Directive 89/336/EEC relating to the EMC Class A Industrial, Class B Residential and FCC A and B. See RFI Filters and Chokes Selection Guide D-321.

1. Rating indicated is with Auxiliary Heat Sink. For maximum rating without Auxiliary Heat Sink see Electrical Ratings Chart.
2. Short circuit protected at motor only.
3. KB Limited Warranty applies.
4. CE compliance requires KBRF-200A RFI Filter and proper wiring practices.
5. Fuses and Plugin Horsepower Resistor® supplied separately.
6. Fuse holders must be removed when installing the Finger-Safe Cover.


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General DescriptionStandard FeaturesSpecifications

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