KBCC-R Series DC Drives by KB Electronics

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Speed Range (Ratio) 50:1
Load Regulation – Armature Feedback (0 – Full Load, 50:1 Speed Range) (% Base Speed) 1*
Line Voltage Regulation (at Full Load, ± 10% Line Variation) (% Base Speed) 1/2*
Control Linearity (% Speed vs. Dial Rotation) 2
CL/Torque Range (% Full Load) 0 – 200
ACCEL/DECEL Time Range (Secs.) .2 – 10
MIN Speed Trimpot Range (% Full Speed) 0 – 30*
MAX Speed Trimpot Range (% Full Speed) 50 – 120*
Maximum Allowable Ambient Temperature (At Full Rating °C/°F) 45/113
Maximum Number of Starts/Stops or Reversals (Operations/Minute) 30**

* Performance is for 90V PM motors on 115 VAC and 180V PM motors on 230 VAC.
** Based on a brake time of one (1) second. For increased operations per minute and longer brake time, contact factory.

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General Description Standard FeaturesSpecifications

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KB Drives – KBCC-R Series DC Drives

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