Carotron Brand Products are Made in USAELITE® PRO Series
5 – 700 HP Digital DC Drives
Regenerative and Non-Regenerative

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General Description

Carotron is proud to introduce the third generation of the Elite®Pro drive series. Designated V3, it is the latest addition to the Carotron Family of high performance, reliable, and rugged DC  drives for motor control. Many years of research and development by Carotron’s engineering staff have culminated in a drive series that provides quality, accuracy, flexibility and user friendliness not found in any other drive in the market place. The heart of the Elite®Pro V3 is a high speed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) designed specifically for motor control applications.  The resulting design is very capable of handling basic control algorithms along with advanced algorithms for system functions such as PID Dancer Controls, Center Winder Controls, Tension Controls, and Customized Control Functions to meet user requirements. The power section design for the Elite®Pro V3 follows the same conservative design practice that Carotron’s customers have come to appreciate in all of our designs.   This product also serves as a retrofit DC drive for obsolete DC drive replacement.

We provide a regenerative and non-regenerative DC drive chassis package that is capable of full load operation in a 55°C ambient. Compare this to our competitors that design to ambient levels of 35°C to 50°C.  Standard customer interface to the Elite®Pro V3 is via a four-line alphanumeric, back lighted LCD display. English text and menu screens with soft-keys simplify the drive programming and eliminates the need to memorize numeric codes.  The programming can be protected via a password to prevent unwanted changes of drive parameters. USB and RS-422/RS-485 communications also allow interface to HMIs, computers, and PLCs.






Typical applications for the Elite Pro include:

  • DC Drives
  • SCR Controls
  • Motor Controls
  • Control Systems
  • Choice Series
  • Elite Series
  • Trooper Series
  • Blazer Series
  • OEM Series
  • RCP Series
  • ADP Series
  • Center Winder
  • Dancer Control
  • PID Control
  • Textile Applications
  • Paper Converting
  • Web Tension
  • Wire Drawing
  • Printing
  • Tension Controls
  • Film Converting
  • Extruder controller
  • Obsolete DC Drive Replacement
  • Retrofit DC Drives



Software Tools


Elite Pro V2 Hardware:

Although no longer manufactured, Carotron still supports the 2nd generation Elite Pro (models EPN and EPR).  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this older model.

Instruction Manual


ProLink V2 Software

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General DescriptionStandard FeaturesSpecificationsModel Ratings/DimensionsConnections

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5 – 700 HP Digital DC Motor Control
Regenerative and Non-Regenerative

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