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Series 620 IEC Contactor + Overload Relay Assemblies

DOL StartersSeries 620 DOL Starters (Direct-On-Line Starters) by C3controls are built by combining a Series 300 contactor and a Series 320 Overload Relay.  The Series 300 Contactor makes it possible for the motor to have repeated On/Off switching.  And with the overload relay feature, the motor and branch circuit conductors have overload protection due to the Class 10 thermal trip elements.

Series 620 DOL Starter Features:

• Modular design with accessories such as auxiliary contacts and surge suppressors.
• Easy-to-install snap-on accessories – no need for additional tools and labor.
• Terminals guarded with IP20 enclosure and features dual terminal markings to reduce the risk of contact with live parts.
• Universal markings and ratings, such as A, HP and KW ratings.
• Economical and convenient control circuit wiring with a Stop button.
• Protection from motor damage due to phase loss conditions with single phase sensitivity.
• Din-Rail mounting, single 35mm, for all starters from 9A to 105A makes it easier to install, remove or panel mount in vibration and high shock applications.
• Ambient temperature compensation.
• Simple control circuit wiring due to unobstructed access to the two contactor coil terminals on the line-side of the starter.  

Product Options:

• 50Hz AC Coil Voltage
• 60Hz AC Coil Voltage
• 50/60Hz AC Coil Voltage
• DC Coil Voltage

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