Marathon® Washdown PowerWash™ Motors and IEC Globetrotter Motors

(SB526 Variable Speed Motors)

If you need a reliable AC washdown motor for your plant or facility, look no further.  Carotron offers the Marathon® Electric Washdown PowerWash™ motor, 2:1 CT to 20:1 CT.  Washdown motors are used to power gear reducers, conveyors, fans, blowers, pumps and other equipment in dairies, slaughter houses, food or beverage plants, pharmaceutical facilities, bakeries, and car washes.  These types of motors can withstand high pressure washdowns without sustaining damage or corrosion, and are popular for use in wet and humid environments.

The IEC Globetrotter motor is designed with two available frame construction options – aluminum from 63 through 90 Frame with a rolled steel fan cover or cast iron from 100 through 315 Frame with a rolled steel fan cover.  Marathon Electric’s Globetrotter motor meets IEC Design N and NEMA Design B torque characteristics. It features dual voltages and frequencies that meet most international standards-the motor will not have to be re-rated in most places, which will save time and money. Common applications for the Globetrotter include pumps, blowers, machine tools, textile machines and conveyors.

Like all Marathon® Electric AC motors, Washdown PowerWash™ and IEC Globetrotter® motors feature the MAX GUARD® insulation system.  Both motors also have an IP55 construction for ruggedness.

Check out the models and features for Marathon® Washdown PowerWash™ and IEC Globetrotter® motors below. Call Carotron at 1-888-286-8614 with AC motor orders or questions.

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Washdown PowerWash™
2:1 CT to 20:1 CT

IEC Globetrotter®
Up to 20:1 CT

Marathon Washdown PowerWash Motors

♦ USDA-approved white epoxy paint, 1/4 HP through 10 HP.
♦ 100% stainless steel three phase designs available, 1/2 HP through 10 HP.
♦ Capable of 10:1 Variable torque and up to 20:1 Constant torque on select ratings.
♦ 1.15 Service factor on sinewave, 1.0 Service factor on VFD power.
♦ Internal corrosion resistant coatings on frame, base, endshields, rotor and stator.
♦ MAX GUARD® Class F insulation system.
♦ IP55 Construction.

Marathon IEC Globetrotter Motors

♦ Aluminum construction 63-90 frame, cast iron construction 100-315 frame.
♦ Capable of 10:1 Variable torque, and up to 20:1 Constant torque on select ratings.
♦ Meets IEC 34 and IEC 72 standards.
♦ Design N with NEMA design B torques.
♦ B3 Mounting (rigid base) in stock; B3/B5 or B3/B14 mountings available.
♦ MAX GUARD® Class F insulation system.
♦ IP55 Construction.

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