DC Injection Brakes

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Standard Features

>>  Closed loop current regulation provides consistent torque, independent of the line voltage.
>>  Direct power connections to the OP-STOP’s input and output terminals eliminate the need for power contactors.
>>  Suitable for all input voltages from 200 VAC to 600 VAC, 50/60Hz (No adjustment necessary).
>>  Full wave bridge power circuitry design uses two of the four SCRs as a “free wheeling diode” in order to maximize the DC current through the motor coils.
>>  OP-STOP DCI can be ordered as a built-in option to SAF’s OPAL Series solid state starter, or as a stand-alone unit for use with existing solid state or magnetic starters.
>>  DC injection time is adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds, while full load current can be adjusted from 100% to 300% motor rated full load current. Stopping time will vary depending on these settings and the inertia of the system.
>>  Two year warranty

*Note: Because the OP-STOP generates DC current using an AC source, it is only effective when AC incoming power exists. For critical applications, a Universal Power Supply (UPS) or a battery back-up can be used in conjunction with the OP-STOP in order to maintain power to the brake at all times

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General DescriptionStandard FeaturesSpecificationsDimensions

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DC Injection Brakes for AC Motor Braking

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