Lenze-ACTech MC Series
Models MC1000, MC3000

Frequency Inverter AC VFD Drives

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Output Wave Form High carrier frequency, sine coded, pulse width modulated (PWM)
Input Voltage Ratings 240/120,240/200, 480/400,590/480 VAC
Input Voltage Tolerance +10%,-15% of rating
Input Frequency Tolerance 48 to 62 Hz
Output Frequency 0-650 Hz
Carrier Frequency 2.5 kHz to 14 kHz (Drive rated at 8 kHz)
Frequency Stability +0.00006% / °C
Overload Current Capacity 180% for 30 seconds, 150% for one minute (at 8 kHz)
Service Factor 1.0
Power Factor Near unity
Efficiency Up to 98.5%
Speed Reference Follower 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA
Control Voltage 15 VDC
Analog Outputs 0-10 VDC,or 2-10 VDC (4-20 mA with 500 ohm total impedance). Proportional to speed and load
Digital Outputs Form C relay: 2A at 28 VDC or 120 VAC
Two open-collector outputs: 40mA at 30 VDC
Serial Communications RS485 networkable, Modbus RTU (standard)
Storage Temperature  -20° to 70° C
Chassis -10°– 55°C
Type 1 (IP31) -10°– 50°C
Type 4 (IP65) -10°– 40°C
Type 12 (IP54) -10°– 40°C
Ambient Humidity Less than 95%, (non‑condensing)
Maximum Altitude 3300 Feet (1000 meters) w/o derating
Standards UL, cUL, CE(LVD)
Warranty 2 Years

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>  Input line voltage calibration: automatically or manually optimizes over and under voltage trip levels>  Input line reactors are built-in for:
– 240V 40-60 HP

– 480V 75-150 HP

>  Thermal overload: Inverse I2t motor thermal protection

>  Two critical frequency avoidance ranges: with adjustable bandwith

>  Programmable automatic restarting after fault for unattended applications

>  Speed reference selection: keypad or analog input

>  Password protection: enable/disable and setting (0000-9999)

>  Monitor mode: enable/disable allows view-only of password protected parameter settings

>  Parameter reset: reset to factory defaults (choice of 50 Hz or 60 Hz factory settings)

>  Fault history: View log of 8 previous trips w/ drive status at time of trip

>  Fault history reset

Four preset speeds

>  Independent Accel and Decel

>  DC injection braking timed or continuous on starting or stopping with programmable maximum load level

>  Dynamic brake enable/disable (dynamic braking requires option card)

>  Base frequency adjustment to calibrate V/Hz to motor requirements with constant or variable torque curves

>  Coast or ramp stopping

>  Auto and Manual mode enable/disable

>  Units display calibration and decimal point adjustment

>  Load meter calibration

>  Adjustable contrast setting for easy viewing of display from any angle

>  Load reference calibration

>  Load indicating output signal selection: 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA

>  Load/speed indicating output signal calibration

>  Four programmable digital input terminals for speed reference and control activation

>  Programmable terminal for external trip activation or manual reset

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NOTE:  If you need to replace an obsoleted  Lenze DC drive, Carotron provides DC drive replacements for a variety of applications.


General Description Standard FeaturesSpecificationsModel Ratings/DimensionsConnections

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MC Series Models MC1000, MC3000
Lenze-ACTech VFD AC Drives

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