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General Description

Voltage to Frequency Module FTV230-000Model VTF230-XXX (Voltage to Frequency Converter/Module) is designed to provide a means of converting analog signals to a digital pulse train.  The module will accept a voltage and/or a process current input (the signals are summed together internally).  A +10VDC power supply is provided to allow a potentiometer to be easily connected as the input. Calibration of the minimum and maximum analog levels is accomplished by a contact closure connected to the Teach input terminal.

The total summed reference can be ramped from 0 to 60 seconds with adjustable ACCEL AND DECEL potentiometers.  The reference is enabled via a contact closure connected to the Enable input terminal.  The frequency output is generated via an open collector transistor output.  The minimum and maximum frequency output levels can be set via the BIAS and GAIN potentiometers. An optional pull-up resistor is also provided on board.

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General Description Standard FeaturesSpecificationsModel Ratings/DimensionsConnections

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Voltage to Frequency Converter Module


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