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General Description

Multiplier Module MUL270-000Model MUL270-000 (DC Voltage Multiplier) is designed for industrial applications where the multiplication of DC voltage signals is required.  The module has two voltage inputs (X & Y).  Each voltage input has an associated Teach terminal that can be used to calibrate the minimum and maximum input levels. In its most basic setup, the module multiplies INPUT X by INPUT Y:

Output=InputX x InputY 

A calibrated 100% signal on Input X and on Input Y would nominally produce a full-scale output signal. The multi-turn GAIN and BIAS potentiometers can be used to set the maximum and minimum output levels.  Typical output levels are 0-10V, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA.

Input Y also has a TRIM RANGE potentiometer that can be used to limit the minimum range of INPUT Y.  This functionality is typically used in the dancer trim and torque takeup/letoff applications.  An internal jumper allows selection of a voltage or current output.  Onboard EEPROM is used to backup and retain the calibration values during a power loss.


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General DescriptionSpecificationsDimensionsConnections

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Multiplier Module (DC Voltage Multiplier)

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