LVDT Load Cells (Tension Load Cells)
22-2200 Lb. Capacity

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Tension Load Cells

General Description

The LCS01 Series of tension load cells uses LVDT type sensor to convert tension into a proportional electrical signal. The LVTD system provides precise, accurate tension measurement while the mechanical design allows for extremely high overloads without damage to the unit.  As web tension increases, the resultant force F also increases. This causes the load plate to rotate minutely around the pivot point 0. This 0 point is a torsion bar which resists the force F. Due to leverage advantage, actual sensing roll movement is quite small. Movement of the core in the LVDT is proportionately larger. As the core moves within the LVDT coil, the output of the coil varies directly with the core movement, which varies directly with the force F. The output is thus proportional to F. The mechanical structure of the torsion bar and the mechanical limit stops on the load plate allow the LCS01 Sensors to survive 100-to-1 overloads without structural failure or variance in calibration. The LVDT housing also contains a high-frequency oscillator circuit which guarantees excellent linearity. Also a thermal compensating circuit ensures zero thermal drift when used within the stated temperature range.

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General DescriptionStandard Features Specifications Models/Descriptions
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LVDT Load Cells
22-2200 Lb. Capacity

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