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Model C10472-000

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General Description

Model C10472-000 Electronic Relay Card is designed for a wide range of applications where process signals need to be monitored and give a relay contact signal when the process signal exceeds a set point. Model C10472-000 can monitor A.C. voltage inputs from 0 to 250 VAC, D.C. voltage inputs from 0 to 250 VDC, or D.C. milliamp inputs of 1 to 5 mAmp, 4 to 20 mAmp or 10 to 50 mAmp. Each input signal is conditioned by scaling circuits and then compared with an adjustable voltage level set by the PULL-IN potentiometer. When the scaled input signal exceeds the voltage level set by the PULL-IN potentiometer, the relay is energized.

Two methods of set-up allow the relay to either be latched and reset by an external momentary contact closure or automatically reset when the scaled input voltage level reaches a level 1 to 10% less than the PULL-IN level. This percentage difference is set by the DROP-OUT potentiometer. Two Form “C”relay contacts rated 5 Amp at 110 VAC are supplied for interface to other equipment. An on-board LED indicates when the relay is energized.

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*Note: Carotron has released a new Din-Rail mountable Electronic Relay Module (ERM260-000), which can be used for new or existing applications.

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General DescriptionStandard FeaturesSpecificationsApplication ExampleDimensions/Connections

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Model C10472-000

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