KBIC Series DC Drives by KB Electronics

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General Description

KB DC Drives - KBIC SeriesKBIC DC drives by KB Electronics are full-wave motor controls designed for industrial applications that demand excellent performance and reliability at low cost.   May be used for Shunt Wound, PM and AC/DC Motors.  These drives are compact (4.30″ x 3.64″ x 1.25″) and provide better than 2% regulation with over a 50:1 speed range. 

1/100 – 11⁄2 Hp @ 115 VAC – 50/60 Hz
1/50 – 3 Hp @ 230 VAC – 50/60 Hz

KBIC drives feature MOV transient protection for the power bridge, integrated circuitry, electronic current limiting (CL) for motor protection, smooth acceleration (adjustable from .5 to 4 seconds), and more.  The Plug-in Horsepower Resistor works great for various horsepower motors because it eliminates the need for recalibration of the IR Comp and Current Limit. The Auxiliary Heatsink is an optional feature used to double the horsepower for each model.  Inhibit and Auto Inhibit are other great features of KBIC models.  Choose from a variety of models within this series with various voltage and current ratings according to your application needs.

*Typical Applications for KBIC Series:

• Conveyors
• Packaging Machines
• Machine Tools
• Screening and Printing Equipment
• Exercise Equipment
• Pumps
• Welding Positioners
• Feeders

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General Description Standard FeaturesSpecifications

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KB Drives – KBIC Series DC Drives

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