KBCC-R Series DC Drives by KB Electronics

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Chassis Mount Variable Speed DC Motor Control
for Shunt Wound and PM Motors thru 3 Hp

Standard Features

• Tachometer or Armature Feedback
• Plug-in Horsepower Resistor®Δ
• Built-in AC Line and ArmaturesΔ Fuses
• MOV Transient Protection
• Trimpots: MIN, MAX, IR, CL, ACCEL, DECEL
• Rugged Aluminum Heatsink
• Voltage Following
• Auto Inhibit®, Inhibit™ and Enable
• CL LED Indicator
• Forward-Brake-Reverse
• APRM® Anti-plug Instant Reverse Module
• Run-Brake-Jog
• Auxiliary Trimpot for Speed Adjustment
• Rapid Cycling
Δ Armature Fuse and Plug-in Horsepower® are supplied separately.

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General DescriptionStandard FeaturesSpecifications

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KB DC Drives – KBCC-R Series DC Drives

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