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CHOICE® (DC Motor Controller)
CDC300 Series 5 – 150 HP Motor Control

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Standard Features

  • Reconnectable for 230 or 460 VAC 3 phase line input
  • Hall effect sensor to isolate armature current feedback
  • 10 megohm impedance isolation for armature voltage feedback
  • Independently adjustable 1 to 60 second Linear Accel/Decel
  • Electrically isolated power modules rated 1400 Volts PIV and 1000 Volts/microsecond DV/DT
  • Semiconductor fuses for power circuit protection
  • R-C networks for A.C. line transient suppression
  • 10 Amp internal field supply with provisions for interfacing an optional external field supply to the field loss circuit
  • 10 Amp internal field supply with provisions for interfacing an optional external field supply to the field loss circuit
  • Foldback current limit to allow a 1 minute overload and then foldback to 112% of the current range selected
  • Over Current trip when 112% of the current range selected is sustained for 5 minutes
  • Speed feedback is jumper selectable for Armature Voltage, D.C. Tachometer Voltage (7, 50, or 100 V/1000 RPM), or Digital Encoder (300 PPR)
  • Tachometer feedback circuit is insensitive to input polarity
  • A +12 VDC, 50 mA available for encoder power supply
  • Summing input for auxiliary speed signals with on board trim pot for scaling and jumper selection for polarity
  • Terminal strip access to Accel/Decel output, Velocity Loop output and Current Loop input for versatile control functions. Inner current loop for responsive and precise control of motor torque and speed.
  • Insensitive to phase rotation of A.C. line input
  • Status LEDs for Run, Zero Speed, Jog, and Foldback
  • 115 VAC logic for pushbutton operator interface
  • Zero Speed logic for ramp to stop and anti-plugging protection
  • Jog Delay circuit to allow rapid jogging without de-energizing the armature contactor to give longer contact life
  • Armature current ranges are jumper selectable for each model to match motor armature current
  • High frequency multi-pulse trigger circuit for reliable SCR gating
  • Ribbon cable connector interface for Drive Circuit Monitor DCM100-000 for easier setup and troubleshooting.

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General DescriptionStandard FeaturesSpecificationsModel Ratings/DimensionsConnections

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CDC300 Series 5 – 150 HP DC Motor Controller

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