SMVector NEMA 4X (IP65) Washdown Duty
Frequency Inverter AC Drives by Lenze-ACTech

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Modes of Operation
Open Loop Flux Vector, Speed or Torque Control
with/without Auto Tuning
V/Hz (Constant or Variable)
Base Frequency Adjustable to Motor Specs
Enhanced V/Hz with Auto-tuning
Acceleration/Deceleration Profiles
Two Independent Accel Ramps
Two Independent Decel Ramps
Linear, S-Type
Auxiliary Ramp(or Coast)-to-Stop
Fixed Accel Boost for Improved Starting

500 Hz Output Frequency
High Carrier (PWM Sine-Coded) Frequency
4, 6, 8, 10 kHz


Universal Logic Assertion (Selectable)
Positive or Negative Logic Input

Digital Reference Available
Braking Functions
DC Injection Braking
Optional Dynamic Braking
Flux Braking w/ Adjustable Flux Level & Decel Time
Speed Commands
Keypad, Potentiometer
Jog, 8 Preset Speeds
Floating Point Control
Sequencer, 16 Segments
Voltage: Scalable 0 –10 VDC
Current: Scalable 4 – 20 mA

Process Control
PID Modes: Direct and Reverse Acting
PID Sleep Mode w/ Adjustable Recovery Threshold
Analog Output (Speed, Load, Torque, kW)
Network Speed (Baud Rate)
Terminal and Keypad Status
Elapsed Run or Power On Time (Hours)

Status Outputs

Programmable Form “A” Relay Output
Programmable Open Collector Output
Scalable 0-10 VDC / 2-10 VDC Analog Output
4-20mA w/500 Ohm Total Impedance


Ambient Temperature
-10 to 55°C
Derate 2.5% per °C Above 40°C


Real Time Monitoring

8 Register Fault History
Software Version
Drive Network ID
DC Bus Voltage (V)
Motor Voltage (V)
Output Current (%)
Motor Current (A)
Motor Torque (%)
Power (kW)
Energy Consumption (kWh)
Heatsink Temperature (°C)
0 – 10 VDC Input (User Defined)
4 – 20 mA Input (User Defined)
PID Feedback (User Defined)
Voltage Monitoring
Low and High DC Bus V Protection
Low Line V Compensation——————————–
Current Monitoring

Motor Overload Protection
Current Limiting Safeguard
Ground Fault
Short Circuit Protection

Four ReStarts
Three Flying and One Auto
User Enabled

Loss of Follower Management
Protective Fault
Go to Preset Speed or Preset Setpoint
Initiate System Notification
Over Temperature Protection



+10/-15% Tolerance
120/240V, 1Ø
200/240V, 1 or 3Ø
200/240V, 3Ø
400/480V, 3Ø
480/600V, 3Ø


cUL C-Tick
CE Low Voltage (EN61800-5-1)
CE EMC (EN61800-3) with optional EMC filter


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NOTE:  If you need to replace an obsoleted  Lenze DC drive, Carotron provides DC drive replacements for a variety of applications.


General Description Standard FeaturesSpecificationsModel Ratings/DimensionsConnections

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SMVector NEMA 4X (IP65) Frequency Inverter
by Lenze-ACTech

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