DC Motor Repair or Maintenance

No matter how efficient and rugged a DC motor, it can eventually stop working for any number of reasons.  There are times when the motor should simply be replaced and sold as scrap metal or possibly refurbished for resell.  But often times, it may require simple maintenance or a DC motor repair through a qualified electronic repair service. 

What’s often the determining factor of plant or other industrial facility managers that operate DC motors?  It’s usually the “cost” of a repair or replacement that determines this decision of repair or replacement of a DC motor. Most manufacturers will consider the short-term and long-term costs when a DC motor goes out or ceases to work at its normal functioning level.  If it costs more to replace it, then a DC motor repair is often the route of choice.

Implement a Total Maintenance Program

Regularly scheduled maintenance can help prevent small problems from becoming huge problems with an type of motor. Schedule a maintenance person to regularly inspect the motor springs and brushes by removing the cover.  If the operator or maintenance person notices even a slight difference in the how the motor sounds or runs, it should be checked right away.  The brushes should move freely, and the spring tension should be about equal on all brushes. Make sure the brushes look polished or shiny, and that they are the correct length.  The length of the brush is less when there is less spring tension.  Another smart maintenance technique for DC motors is to remove the brushes and use an air supply to blow into the housing of the unit for cleaning. Use sandpaper to remove any black residue on the commutator. You can also look for grooves from wear and tear on the commutator.

Beyond Simple Maintenance

Besides the usual maintenance needs, the motor may stop working properly for various reasons.  DC motors can freeze up or burn out, but first they may overheat, become wobbly in motion or become noisy.  When either of these occur, it’s time to turn the motor off and get it checked for repair. The repair can be as simple as replacing worn bearings, realigning moving parts, or replacing damaged brushes. The motor may require lubrication, or you might find that the windings have been damaged.  There also might be a blockage of the motor’s ventilation, causing it to overheat or become very hot to the touch.

When a DC Motor Repair Service is Necessary

If you have the know-how or have an experienced technician on staff that works with DC motors, you might be able to simply order a replacement part for the motor.  Otherwise, you might need to ship the motor to an electronic repair service to get it fixed.  The good news is some repair services, such as Carotron, Inc., offer a free cost evaluation to check the motor for possible repair needs and provide pricing for the repair.  Once it’s determined that the motor can be repaired and what the repair will cost, you can decide if you would like to move forward with the repair.  

DC motor repair services can help you save time and money if you prefer to keep the DC motor instead of replacing it. Many of these services also offer replacement parts, AC and DC drive repair, AC motor repair, repairs for power supplies, terminals, welding controls and more.  Consider calling us about your repair needs before spending more money on a replacement. Factory authorized repairs available for many well known brands including Yaskawa, Carotron, Baldor, Danfoss, Siemens, etc.   You might be surprised at the amount of time and money that can be saved!
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